Success through Diverse Backgrounds

As a recent graduate with a statistics degree and a background in programming, the Institute for Advanced Analytics program was the quintessential fit for the next chapter in my life. However, one aspect of the Institute surprised me: the IAA accepted and admitted students from a vast array of academic Continue reading Success through Diverse Backgrounds

Presentation Slides: Why you should use icons

“An icon is worth a thousand of words.” Well, this statement may be a bit of an exaggeration. However, icons in presentation slides can communicate in a much better way than using words in terms of the quantity of information and richness of style. As analytics professionals, one important job Continue reading Presentation Slides: Why you should use icons

"Clustomer" Segmentation

Our recent marketing project was about creating customer segments for an online travel company. While we spent hours crunching data and looking at statistics to come up with those magic segments – our results and final presentation were the most interesting parts of this project. We presented our findings with Continue reading "Clustomer" Segmentation