How the Institute Helped Me Become a Leader

I used to be a shy person. I would seldom volunteer to be a leader or try to influence a group, even if I had ideas about how things should be done. The only leadership role I’ve had was the vice president of my homeroom class in 2nd-grade elementary school. Continue reading How the Institute Helped Me Become a Leader

Why I Came to Grad School

After graduating with a B.S. in Statistics and a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from NC State University, I decided to go to graduate school rather than straight into a full-time job. As I worked toward my undergraduate degree, I took many elective courses while taking the required degree courses simultaneously, Continue reading Why I Came to Grad School

Interview with Iqra Munawar

Meet Iqra Munawar, Class of 2020. Iqra entered the MSA program with a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Appalachian State University and experience with financial companies through multiple internships. Upon completing the MSA, Iqra worked as a Biostatistician/Data Scientist at Wake Forest Baptist Health and is currently working as a Continue reading Interview with Iqra Munawar