From Novice to Know-How

The forthcoming paragraphs narrate the journey of Carlos, a current student at the Institute for Applied  Analytics (IAA). This narrative delves into themes of uncertainty, family bonds,  seized opportunities, and the perpetual search for fulfillment. Its overarching message resonates with the eternal truth that the pursuit of knowledge is an Continue reading From Novice to Know-How

How the Institute Helped Me Become a Leader

I used to be a shy person. I would seldom volunteer to be a leader or try to influence a group, even if I had ideas about how things should be done. The only leadership role I’ve had was the vice president of my homeroom class in 2nd-grade elementary school. Continue reading How the Institute Helped Me Become a Leader

Why I Came to Grad School

After graduating with a B.S. in Statistics and a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from NC State University, I decided to go to graduate school rather than straight into a full-time job. As I worked toward my undergraduate degree, I took many elective courses while taking the required degree courses simultaneously, Continue reading Why I Came to Grad School

Interview with Iqra Munawar

Meet Iqra Munawar, Class of 2020. Iqra entered the MSA program with a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Appalachian State University and experience with financial companies through multiple internships. Upon completing the MSA, Iqra worked as a Biostatistician/Data Scientist at Wake Forest Baptist Health and is currently working as a Continue reading Interview with Iqra Munawar