Nanbar Health

The skills taught in the NCSU MSA program have a tremendous impact on data scientists and consultants and also on leaders and entrepreneurs. As a young entrepreneur and MSA student, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to apply the technical and communication skills I learn at school to the Continue reading Nanbar Health

Interview with Liam Dao

Liam Dao ’22, started at the IAA after finishing his undergraduate degree at NC State University. After graduating from the IAA, Liam accepted a job as a data scientist at Pendo in Raleigh, NC. Liam recently shared his experience and some tips with us.  Keya: What drew you to this Continue reading Interview with Liam Dao

The People at the Institute

I am currently four months into my time at the Institute for Advanced Analytics (IAA). As crazy as it may sound, the people here are 100% changing my life.  During my interview, it was explained to me that a student’s experience at the IAA is much like a rock’s experience Continue reading The People at the Institute

Analytics in Agriculture

Now, more than ever, food is scarcer and harder to grow. Analytics plays a significant role in the creation of genetically modified crops that account for increasing populations, climate change, pests, and disease. Syngenta, a globally recognized agriculture company, specializes in healthy, sustainable crop production as conveyed by their website. Continue reading Analytics in Agriculture