From Novice to Know-How

The forthcoming paragraphs narrate the journey of Carlos, a current student at the Institute for Applied  Analytics (IAA). This narrative delves into themes of uncertainty, family bonds,  seized opportunities, and the perpetual search for fulfillment. Its overarching message resonates with the eternal truth that the pursuit of knowledge is an Continue reading From Novice to Know-How

3 Things I Learned During the Summer about the MSA

4 students outside at a concert at night

After an incredible (yet challenging) time here at the Institute, I’m sharing a few things I have learned about the student experience.  1. Open-Door Policy  I wasn’t sure if and how I would get the chance to interact with the faculty & staff. However, with the MSA’s open-door policy, we Continue reading 3 Things I Learned During the Summer about the MSA

The People at the Institute

I am currently four months into my time at the Institute for Advanced Analytics (IAA). As crazy as it may sound, the people here are 100% changing my life.  During my interview, it was explained to me that a student’s experience at the IAA is much like a rock’s experience Continue reading The People at the Institute