Interview with Iqra Munawar

Meet Iqra Munawar, Class of 2020. Iqra entered the MSA program with a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Appalachian State University and experience with financial companies through multiple internships. Upon completing the MSA, Iqra worked as a Biostatistician/Data Scientist at Wake Forest Baptist Health and is currently working as a Continue reading Interview with Iqra Munawar

Learning to Learn: Mentorship in Data Analytics

Who knew that Phil Collins was spewing so much truth in Tarzan’s Son of Man when he sang, “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”  It is funny how a song lyric from a children’s movie perfectly encapsulates the essence of mentorship in the real world, Continue reading Learning to Learn: Mentorship in Data Analytics

Analytics in Agriculture

Now, more than ever, food is scarcer and harder to grow. Analytics plays a significant role in the creation of genetically modified crops that account for increasing populations, climate change, pests, and disease. Syngenta, a globally recognized agriculture company, specializes in healthy, sustainable crop production as conveyed by their website. Continue reading Analytics in Agriculture

Alumni in Action: Grace Heyne Lybrand

Grace Heyne

When Grace Heyne Lybrand ‘17 applied for admission to the MSA program, she was gaining exposure to the field of data science through her role as an analyst in a rotational program at financial services firm TIAA — her first professional step after completing a BS in Economics at Clemson Continue reading Alumni in Action: Grace Heyne Lybrand