Feed the Pack Food Drive

During summer bootcamp, MSA students, faculty, and staff donated $369 and 244 pounds of resources to Feed the Pack Food Pantry at NC State.

The orange and blue cohorts competed to donate the most during the final two weeks of the summer bootcamp racing toward the incentive of a casual Friday. Cohorts were encouraged to donate items from the food pantry’s most needed items list. The students, faculty, and staff at the Institute donated $369 and 244 pounds of resources to Feed the Pack. With a very narrow lead, the blue cohort won the coveted casual day on the last day of bootcamp.
Feed the Pack is an on-campus food pantry to help members of the NC State community experiencing food insecurity. Many do not realize that 14% of NC State students (approximately 4750 students) experience low or very low food security. The pantry helps to serve these students as well as NC State faculty and staff by having an open door five days a week. We were excited to help fill the shelves of the pantry this summer to support our NC State community.
Feed the Pack is located at 2221 Dunn Avenue on NC State’s Main Campus. You can find out more details about the pantry as well as information about how to get involved on its website.
Columnists: Rachel Nagley & Katlyn Limer