Using Tableau to Build a Time Series Model

Tableau is most often used as a visualization tool, but it is also a powerful tool to build exponential smoothing models for time series data. If your data uses an exponential smoothing model for forecasting (more recent observations are given greater weight), and you want to have a quick drag-n-drop Continue reading Using Tableau to Build a Time Series Model

You Might Not Like It, But This is What Peak Performance Looks Like…

In the fall semester, students in the IAA program participated in a two-week communication training where we created a presentation on a topic of our choosing. As a lifelong basketball fan, I chose to share the differences in 3-point attempts over time in the NBA. While researching statistics and trends Continue reading You Might Not Like It, But This is What Peak Performance Looks Like…

Diverse Disciplines: Lucia Titus '18

The Institute’s admissions team regularly receives inquiries from prospective students along the lines of: “I’m interested in the MSA program, but I’m a ________ major. Do I even have a chance of being admitted?” One can fill in that blank with any number of disciplines — marketing, physics, textile engineering Continue reading Diverse Disciplines: Lucia Titus '18

Student Spotlight: Aquent Practicum Team

Students in NC State’s Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) Class of 2021 are already halfway through their eight-month practicum projects! Before enjoying a well-deserved winter break, the practicum teams will deliver midpoint presentations to their project sponsors, highlighting their findings thus far and intended next steps to solve the Continue reading Student Spotlight: Aquent Practicum Team

Virtual Holiday Party

Let’s call it 25% holiday party, 25% celebrating the end of classes, and 50% bidding a happy farewell to 2020. After an intense and unique semester of online coursework and team meetings, the IAA Class of 2021’s holiday party was no different: we bonded as a class, partook in a Continue reading Virtual Holiday Party