MSA Share:20 for Class of 2021

MSA Share 20s are an opportunity for students to present to their classmates about relevant and interesting topics. Students work with Dr. Sarah Egan Warren to prepare their presentations and deliver their talks at lunchtime. The talks last up to 20 minutes with 10 minutes of time for questions. The speakers hone their presentation skills and the participants learn something new (win-win)!

Here are the MSA Share 20s for the class of 2021.


  • The ABCs of the Start-Up Job Search: Carina Lee
    Carina walked us through how to identify a promising start-up and if it’s the right fit for you. Credentials: Carina Lee worked with over 50 early-stage start-up companies as a program manager at the NYU Tandon Future Labs, the first data-focused start-up incubator in the US.


  • Linear Programming (Optimization): Sid Khullar
    Sid Khullar shared two examples of using the analytic solver plugin in Excel. One was a general example and the other was an example of optimizing which pumps to upgrade from survival analysis homework 2.
  • NC Scratch-Off Ticker Analysis: Kevin Craig
    Kevin Craig discussed a scratch-off analytics website he built after he was gifted a bunch of losing tickets.


  • Dask: Levi Lovell, Andrew McCown
    Andrew and Levi shared an overview and demo on how parallelization can substantially improve run time in Python. They also discussed how Dask is also great for efficiently handling large datasets.


  • Living to Sustain Life: Jake Turney
    Jake shared practices that all of us can do to live more sustainably in order to heal the planet.
  • 7 Tips for Getting & Staying Active on LinkedIn: Eric Sims
    Eric, an active and successful user of LinkedIn, shared his tips for using LinkedIn to build an authentic and useful network.


  • Tennis: Rayan Jabr, Jeron Russell, Jordan Strickland
    In the fall, students completed a visualization project for the NCSU Tennis team. In order to help out the class, three students with tennis experience delivered the first MSA Share 20 for the class of 2021. Rayan, Jeron, and Jordan shared their tennis knowledge about scoring, terminology, and offered a Q/A session to help students better understand the data for the tennis project.