Visualization and Analysis of the S&P 500 Index Fund

Inflation, Inflation, Inflation! With inflation soaring lately, it is hard not to ponder how to stay ahead of it and how to financially secure your future. As students embark on their analytics journey at the Institute for Advanced Analytics, a basic understanding of financial investing may help with investment goals Continue reading Visualization and Analysis of the S&P 500 Index Fund

Nanbar Health

The skills taught in the NCSU MSA program have a tremendous impact on data scientists and consultants and also on leaders and entrepreneurs. As a young entrepreneur and MSA student, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to apply the technical and communication skills I learn at school to the Continue reading Nanbar Health

Mastering Procrastination

Everyone procrastinates in some way or another. It is natural, but sometimes it can get in the way of us achieving our goals. However, with practice, you can master procrastination and prevent it from derailing your success. The Institute for Advanced Analytics provides many opportunities to learn expert-level time management Continue reading Mastering Procrastination

Tips to Survive the Summer Semester

If there is one thing every new student at the Institute for Advanced Analytics can expect upon arrival for their summer semester, it’s to hit the ground running. When we received details about our first group project before the first day of orientation had even ended, I felt entirely overwhelmed. Continue reading Tips to Survive the Summer Semester