The Mathematics Behind Ballet

Three pairs of pointe shoes

When someone mentions the word “ballet,” we often think: creativity, an art form, or a form of dancing. However, I have learned that while ballet heavily uses the right side of the brain (creativity), you still need to use the left side (analytical) just as much. While you aren’t solving Continue reading The Mathematics Behind Ballet

Fitness Trackers’ Ethical Use of Data

fitness tracker on wrist

Fitness trackers have been flourishing in recent years. As our society continues to emphasize health and fitness, an increasing number of people seek to monitor their health and fitness data with such trackers. According to the National Institute of Health, 21% of Americans wear fitness trackers daily,  which amounts to Continue reading Fitness Trackers’ Ethical Use of Data

How Do Songwriters Use Analytics?

An Interview with My Roommate When I’m not working within the walls of the Institute for Advanced Analytics, I am often playing music with my roommate, Delia Vaisey. I play keyboard and sing backup vocals in her band. She is an incredible songwriter, and playing her songs is a welcome Continue reading How Do Songwriters Use Analytics?