MSA Share20: Class of 2024

MSA Share20s are an opportunity for students to present to their classmates about relevant and interesting topics. Students work with Dr. Sarah Egan Warren to prepare their presentations and deliver their talks at lunchtime. The talks last up to 20 minutes with 10 minutes for questions.

The speakers hone their presentation skills, and the participants learn something new (win-win)!


Anusha Tummallapalli shared strategies for solo traveling and pictures from her solo trip to Spain and Southeast Asia.

Michelle Chen shared her photos and experiences from her trip to China and Taiwan over winter break.

Map of China and Japan and picture of presenter in her Institute for Advanced Analytics sweatshirt


Adil Heah presented Structured Problem Solving from a Business Consulting Lens. Participants learned about problem solving:he ability to think through and come up with an optimal course of action, given any complex problem. Problem solving is an indispensable skill whether in business or in personal life. Structured problem solving seeks to offer a repeatable process or set of steps to aid in understanding, breaking down, and solving the problem at hand.

Zane Potorti shared his experiences with clowning, juggling, and making balloon art! Participants made a sword and a dog using balloons provided for them. The hands-on workshop was a good stress reliever and exercise in creativity and resilience.

Zane as clown in front of pile of balloons
Group of students with balloon creations


Gloria Su and Violet Evans shared their love of boba. They discussed their findings from a side project they completed using Yelp Reviews on boba shops in Raleigh and NYC.

Two women in front of slides that say An Analysis of Boba Yelp Reviews MSA Share 20

Yang Chen shared his experience with using Git. 

The presentation covered a basic workflow of how to work with Git for team collaboration.

He showed his webpage that his classmates can refer to, which covers the concepts in more detail along with the commands and a shortened rendition in slide deck form. 

Davis Swann and Becca Chemmanam shared their tennis expertise to help the entire class prepare for the tennis visualization project. Data understanding is a vital step in the analytics process. To create the best visualization of the NC State women’s tennis team for Coach Secker, everyone needs to have an understanding of tennis. The Special Edition of MSA Share20: Tennis covered the basics of tennis scoring, terminology, and the rules.


Jake Hartzell presented Ergonomics and Posture Considerations for Data Scientists. The presentation briefly covered the common musculoskeletal conditions that affect data scientists and desk workers, their anatomy, and how to treat them. The presentation concluded with a brief stretching and exercise lab.


Lisa Nickels presented Start Speaking Dog: An Introduction to Understanding What Dogs Tell Us.

Using pictures of some great dogs, Lisa talked about how dogs say “yes” and “no” and how to get consent from them.

Everyone learned to recognize some basic signs that a dog is saying “no.”

Our first MSA Share20 for the class of 2024 was delivered by Andrew Burnette. Andrew presented Mindfulness Exercise. He provided a brief overview of the impact of stress on cognitive functioning and walked attendees through a Mindfulness-Lite exercise known as progressive muscle relaxation.