Maximizing Fun at the Durham Bulls

Durham Bulls games are one of my favorite spring/summer events to attend. Games have everything you need to have a good time: home runs, hotdogs, beverages, cracker jacks, and the ever-exciting between-inning events.

A man and two women at Durham Bulls ball park.
Stefán, Elisa, and Sarah

In this post, I will share with you some of my favorite between-inning events and how I think these events can be improved to maximize fun. These events are the Hot Dog Cannon, 7th Inning Stretch, Run the Bases, and Wool E. Bull’s Go Kart.

Opening day is March 31, 2023! Check out a game, and while you’re there, make sure to enjoy these between-inning events because, in my opinion, they make the games even more fun.

1. Hot Dog Cannon

The Hot Dog Cannon is used near the end of the game and is a good way to get people out of their seats during a lull in the game. The idea behind Hot Dog Cannon is simple. If you scream loud enough, the hot dog cannon shooter might launch a t-shirt your way. There is no guarantee you will get a shirt, but it is still fun nonetheless. However, I think if they wanted to improve this event and maximize fun, they should use the Hot Dog cannon to shoot actual hot dogs into the stands. I can’t think of anything that would please me more than catching a free hot dog that was shot from Wool E. Bull’s hot dog cannon.

1st Image of sports mascot with a hotdog shaped cannon that shoots t-shirts with a caption that says "fun." 2nd image of same sports mascot shooting an actual hotdog out of the hotdog cannon with a caption that says "Potentially More Fun?"

2. Seventh Inning Stretch

The Seventh Inning Stretch is not unique to the Bulls, and most fans consider it a necessity at all baseball games. After sitting for 6.5 innings, you need something to get you out of your seat and shake out your limbs. The 7th inning stretch is a great way to bring all the fans together.

You get to stand up, do a little stretch, and sing along! The karaoke aspect is the part that really helps to maximize the fun. However, if fans don’t know the words (if you don’t, I encourage you to google them now), they cannot sing along because the Bulls do not have the song lyrics on the video board for a sing-along! I think if the Bulls want to maximize all fans’ fun during this event, they should put the lyrics on the big screen so we can all enjoy and maybe even do a Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly impression.

3. Run the Bases

During each game, one young Bulls fan races Wool E. Bull around the actual bases on the field, in front of the whole stadium! Incredible. This is one of my favorite between-inning events, but to improve it, I think fans of all ages should be able to run the bases and race Wool E. As the event is currently, only kids get to race Wool E. Bull, which is a great opportunity, except Wool E. never wins…

Well…that’s not entirely true.

Wool E. wins Run the Bases once a year, on his birthday.

Being a die-hard Wool E. fan, I wish there were more instances in which Wool E. could win this race. Picking older fans would give Wool E. the chance to show off his speed and win Run the Bases.

Image of sports mascot running the bases during a baseball game. Caption reads: Woolebull The struggles is real. Base race record this season, 1-57.

4. Wool E.’s Go Kart

Finally, around the 8th inning of each game, fans in the outfield seats can hear an engine revving. As Wool E. Bull turns out of the right field wall, the fans cheer him on. He starts out slow, waving to the fans as he cruises by the dugouts and behind home plate. But the real action happens when he gets to the foul pole in left field. When Wool E. gets to the outfield warning track, he opens it up. He gets to top speed and drifts his Go-Kart through the deepest part of the ballpark in center field. Wool E. shows off his driving skills as he throws souvenirs to the fans cheering him on in right field, just before slamming on the brakes and stirring up a cloud of dust as he makes his exit. No matter the score going into the final inning, I can count on Wool E. to get me on my feet with his Fast and Furious driving skills.

Sports mascot driving a go-Kart and waving to fans

Whether or not you are a fan of baseball, there is guaranteed to be something for you at the Durham Bulls. There is always action on the field; baseball, people wrestling in sumo suits, and Wool E. Bull driving a go-kart. The between-inning events are what maximize the fun for all fans.

Columnist: Elisa Marchione

Images from Wool E Bull’s Instagram page.