Paying for the MSA

As the nation’s premier program for analytics education, the Master of Science in Analytics at NC State is also among the most affordable. As a 10-month intensive program with only three semesters of enrollment, the MSA’s tuition and fees are considerably lower than master’s degrees requiring registration for four or more semesters.
While students in the MSA program are typically self-financed through personal savings or educational loans, there are options for those who are motivated to reduce their cost of attendance.
For US Citizens and Permanent Residents: 

  • By completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), US Citizens and Permanent Residents may qualify for federal and/or state aid including loans, grants, and/or need-based scholarships or fellowships. Most MSA students who submit the FAFSA are eligible for federal subsidized and unsubsidized direct loans. These loans typically have low interest rates and flexible terms for borrowing up to the full cost of attendance to satisfy unmet need.  
  • North Carolina residency for tuition purposes allows those who have maintained residence in the state for at least 12 consecutive months to qualify for in-state tuition rates. 

For International Students: 
While international applicants are not eligible for federal or state aid, many international students in the MSA program who are not able to fund their studies through personal or family savings utilize educational loans to pay for their education. There are typically three avenues for securing loan funding as an international graduate student: 

  • Educational loans through a bank or financial institution in their home country. 
  • Student loans through international student lenders. Eligibility requirements vary, but STEM programs (like the MSA) usually qualify due to their potential return on investment. A simple online search will yield providers for you to vet based on individual needs. 
  • Some international students may qualify for private loans from a US-based lender with a domestic cosigner. 

For Everyone:  

  • NC State’s Graduate School provides resources on nationally competitive fellowship programs and other funding opportunities. The Graduate School also administers several fellowships — some MSA students have received Graduate School Diversity Enhancement Grants and Warren-Wolfpack Club Graduate Fellowships
  • NC State offers interest-free payment plans for students to pay educational expenses in monthly installments.
  • Many organizations offer scholarships and fellowships for graduate students, particularly in STEM-designated fields. While options for fully-funded scholarships are limited, our students have benefited from acquiring several smaller awards to reduce their cost of attendance. 

While, of course, we understand your desire to minimize the amount you’ll need to borrow, we believe the MSA program is an investment in your future with a well-documented return, with an estimated payback period of 23 months. We find that our students don’t make their enrollment decision based on price, but on the innovative approach to professional analytics education that we offer and, indeed, pioneered.