The Institute for Advanced Analytics partnered with Centennial Campus Middle School (Raleigh, NC) and Hobbton High School (Newton Grove, NC) for a thrilling Thanksgiving food fundraiser.
Over the course of one week, IAA students were encouraged to bring in nonperishable food donations. Cohorts earned points for specific items. While the initial donation amounts were small, the Blue Cohort upped the ante by teaming together to buy all of the stuffing and cornbread available one morning at a local Food Lion.

Organizing donations

Yet the Orange Cohort was determined to not come in second (yet again – see both the School Supplies Fundraiser and the Hurricane Harvey Bake Sale). The Orange Cohort secretly arranged a large supply run at a local Walmart. One the final day of the event, 15 minutes before the deadline, the Orange Cohort wheeled in hundreds of cans and other goods. The Orange Cohort won with nearly double the number of points of the Blue Cohort!
Dr. Healey generously drove supplies in his truck to Centennial Campus Middle School

The Orange Cohort is excited about the prize, which is a tour of Dr. Healey’s research lab. Yet both cohorts are even more excited with the overall success: 1426 items, from canned goods to boxes of stuffing and mashed potatoes, will be going to students and their families to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal this holiday season.
Supplies were also delivered to Hobbton High School in Newton Grove, NC

Columnist: Emily Hadley