Glazed Glory: Taking on the Krispy Kreme Challenge

2400 calories, 12 doughnuts, 5 miles, 1 hour.

No, that’s not the beginning of a case interview question, but the slogan of the famous Krispy Kreme Challenge! Around 30 brave students (including a “python” and a “data wizard”) and faculty took on the Krispy Kreme Challenge, participating in the 12th annual NC State tradition! Originating as a dare between friends, the Krispy Kreme Challenge involves a 2.5 mile run from the NC State Memorial Bell Tower, a pit stop to inhale an entire dozen of original glazed donuts, and a more difficult 2.5 mile run back. Completing all that in under 1 hour earns you all the glory and bragging rights!

“Python” and “Data Wizard”

All proceeds from the race benefit the North Carolina Children’s Hospital, helping children all across the state regardless of their family’s ability to pay. This year’s race raised more than $195,000, bringing the cumulative donation total to over $1 million since the race’s inception in 2004. The race has pledged an additional $1 million to the hospital in future years, further solidifying their partnership. The funds raised from the race come in the form of a Children’s Promise Grant that allows staff at the hospital to apply for funding to further improve the quality of care of patients.
The race enjoys national and international media attention due to its wacky nature: Sports Illustrated has listed the Krispy Kreme Challenge as part of “102 More Things You Gotta Do Before You Graduate,” and ESPN sent a runner to cover the race in 2009.
Here are some pictures on the morning of the race:

For those of you who have never attempted to eat a dozen donuts at once, we can now assure you it is not as easy as it sounds!
For the 30 of us combined it adds up to 68,400 calories, or the equivalent of enough energy to illuminate 795 100-watt light bulbs for an hour! How’s that for bright students?
No matter how successful everyone’s actual challenge attempt was, the morning was definitely full of fun, laughter, and seeing our classmates in an unforgettable new light.
roster KKC
“IT DEPENDS” Team Roster

Columnists: Kelsey Campbell and Ryan King