Students take on March Machine Learning Mania

March Madness, it’s a magical time of year where anything can happen. It’s a phenomenon unlike any other: Sixty-eight hopeful college basketball teams enter and, after one wild month, one is crowned champion of them all. With unthinkable upsets happening every year (think Lehigh/Mercer vs. Duke) and dark horse teams running Continue reading Students take on March Machine Learning Mania

Soccer Team

“It Depends.” This phrase is a running joke at the Institute for all of the statistical questions one may ever have: Is your R-squared value good enough? Should you take an order one difference? Ensemble? It also happens to be the mantra of the undefeated Institute for Advanced Analytics Football Continue reading Soccer Team

Bond, James Bond

Despite a plethora of franchise reboots occurring over the last decade, one that has always stood the test of time is James Bond. Whether due to the presence of fancy cars and gadgets, formulaic villains, or just the British accents, the franchise continues to consistently attract American audiences. With Spectre, Continue reading Bond, James Bond