Interview with Ike Ingle

Students in the MSA program come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some start the program with extensive experience in programming and statistics while others join looking to change careers. The diversity of each MSA class is a vital part of how students in the program can learn and grow Continue reading Interview with Ike Ingle

Analytics in Agriculture

Now, more than ever, food is scarcer and harder to grow. Analytics plays a significant role in the creation of genetically modified crops that account for increasing populations, climate change, pests, and disease. Syngenta, a globally recognized agriculture company, specializes in healthy, sustainable crop production as conveyed by their website. Continue reading Analytics in Agriculture

Ten Minutes with Elliott Bessell ’19

As a physics student at the University of Lancaster in England, Elliott Bessell’s first taste of data analysis came in the form of a research project investigating the effects of solar wind on Saturn’s aurora. He worked for two years at an analytics consulting firm in the UK prior to Continue reading Ten Minutes with Elliott Bessell ’19

Five Minutes with Tom Pinckney ’18

Current MSA student Louise Lindegaard recently interviewed Tom Pinckney ‘18 on his experiences at the Institute and beyond. They share a background in the sciences: Louise studied chemistry and geography at UNC-Chapel Hill; Tom studied biology at UNC Charlotte, then worked for nearly three years at Novozymes, a biotech company. Continue reading Five Minutes with Tom Pinckney ’18